Samantha Fezza

Samantha Fezza
Samantha Fezza

College of Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Science, Class of 2014

Where are you from?

Loxahatchee, Florida (Italian, German, Scotish)

Are you a scholarship recipient?

Yes. University Scholar as well as a Florida Merit Scholar.

Explain why you chose the University of Miami as the preferred school for you to attend.

I wanted to go to an excellent university that I could afford as well as be close to my family. I still have a little brother who is now in High School and I wanted to be around to support him.

Describe your fondest memory or experience as a student.

My fondest memory as a student was studying abroad at the University of Cape Town. I was the Day Coordinator for an education program. I was teaching kindergarten age students Basic English letters, numbers, shapes, animals, etc. The best day was my last day when one of the kids drew a picture of her and I holding hands and she told me to write friends forever on it.

What do you want your legacy to be as a Miami Hurricane?

I still have a long time to make my legacy, but I hope to become a doctor that works to solve upstream problems to poor health by creating community programs, looking at my patient holistically and I want to take my skills internationally engaging in education and health service.

Why is it important for alumni to give back to the University of Miami?

It’s important to give back because alumni donations give students like me the opportunity to get an education. There is a clear link between socioeconomic status, education, health and the likelihood of the next generation going to college. So by giving the opportunity for one person to go to college not only benefits them individually, it benefits society as a whole by impacting the next generation. I hope that someday I live in Miami so I can teach, give seminars about my work, as well as donate time and money to the next generation of UM students.

Who or what is your favorite professor or course?

Dr. Heller for Organic Chemistry II. Everyone treads taking organic chemistry, but he made it fun and interesting.

What are you career aspirations or where will you be working once you graduate?

I plan to work with the Peace Corps in South America or Africa or Americorps in Miami for a couple years after graduation. Then I plan to go to medical school to pursue an M.D. After medical school, I plan to work with Médecins Sans Frontières.