Chantal Arielle Gabriel

Chantal Arielle Gabriel
Chantal Arielle Gabriel

College of Arts and Sciences, Creative Writing (Fiction) track, Class of 2015

Where are you from?

I was born and raised here in Miami. My mother is also from Miami, however my father is from France.

Are you a scholarship recipient?

UM Legacy Scholarship. President's Scholarship. Florida Medallion Scholars.

Explain why you chose the University of Miami as the preferred school for you to attend.

I decided to attend UM because of the amount of respect this school receives from not only it's students, but also from those who aren't alumni. To further add, being that my mother is an alumna, since I was in elementary school, she has always said that attending the University of Miami was one of the best decisions she had ever made. Therefore, I knew that attending this school would be one of no regrets.

Describe your fondest memory or experience as a student.

My fondest experience as a student at UM was when I was the chosen recipient for two scholarships: the President's Scholarship and the Legacy Student Scholarship.

What do you want your legacy to be as a Miami Hurricane?

I want others to remember that it takes a lot of courage, dedication and passion to make your dreams become a reality. UM has proven to me that so long as you decide to pursue something you want to do for the rest of your life, the University of Miami will do everything they can to help your goals become a reality.

Why is it important for alumni to give back to the University of Miami?

It's important for alumni to give back to the University of Miami. Without their generous donations, I would not have received the scholarships that I did, and I would not have been able to attend this school. It's a wonderful, thriving learning environment and I am so honored to be a part of it. Therefore, after I graduate and become employed, it is my desire to donate to the College of Arts & Sciences so that students who decide to attend this school, can have the same memorable experiences as I have.

Who or what is your favorite professor or course?

So far, I have three favorite professors: Dr. John Funchion (ENG 321 and ENG 483), Dr. Amina Gautier (ENG 390), and Margaret Fronefield (CMP 126).

What are you career aspirations or where will you be working once you graduate?

After I graduate, I hope to earn my MFA in motion pictures (screen writing) at the University of Miami.