Nan Markowitz, A.B. ’81

Nan Markowitz"You can’t demand loyalty; you can ask for loyalty, but it’s something you have to feel. Loyalty has to be earned.” The University of Miami has earned Nan Markowitz’s loyalty by providing her with an education and earning her respect by offering the community different programs and resources. The College of Arts and Sciences receives her support because she received many of her professional skills during her time as a student. Nan also gives to the Alumni Association because of her past involvement with their programs and pride in her alma mater. As a loyal Hurricane Club member, Nan supports the Athletics program and takes part in the wonderful tradition of watching our student-athletes on the field. Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center holds a special place for Nan as her mother was affected by cancer and she believes in the importance in providing donations to help find a cure and treat the disease. Nan grew up in New Jersey close to Rutgers and Princeton and learned the tradition of supporting your alma mater. Alumni giving for Nan is her response to the appreciation she feels because she was given the opportunity to attend the school of her dreams. Simply put, Nan gives back because she has Hurricane Pride. Why do you give back?