Carmine Parente, B.S. '88

Carmine supports Band of the Hour, Athletics, and the University of Miami Alumni Association.

On January 2, 1984, a sophomore sax and tuba player named Carmine Parente stepped onto the Orange Bowl field as the drum major, leading the Band of the Hour’s performance while the Hurricanes snagged their first football National Championship. Just two and a half years later, this natural-born leader founded AGM Industries, a shower door manufacturing company that nowemploys more than 40 people in four locations throughout Florida and North Carolina.

People often ask Carmine, a math major, how he became so successful without taking any business classes. His answer: Band of the Hour. He believes that motivating people, working as a group, listening, leading, and following are all tremendous skills he learned by getting involved in extracurricular activities at the U.

Carmine joined former marching band director Michael Mann to establish the Michael Mann/Carmine Parente Endowment at the Frost School of Music, which provides scholarships for students and supports needs of the Band of the Hour. To this day, Carmine receives many touching stories each year from scholarship recipients. He is moved by the students’ appreciation and considers this reason enough to support the U every year.